Tuesday, January 24

"A Baptist's Perspective on God's Sovereignty" The Series

Hoping this will be helpful to all, here are links to each of the parts of this series in a single post. I hope this series has been as informative and enjoyable for you as it has for me! Let us embrace this truth...and experience the joy and hope it brings!

Part 1: My own struggle with God's sovereignty and the introduction of Spurgeon.

Part 2: Spurgeon, "God ordains blessings and miseries for our good."

Part 3: Spurgeon, "Your pain is ordained by God Himself...in this find comfort."

Part 4: Spurgeon, "Here are some reasons calamity is a part of God's sovereign plan for us."

Part 5: Spurgeon, "Evil points us to God," and a final prayer.

**Spurgeon's sermons and other writings are available on CD from Ages Library. You may also access a number of resources online at The Spurgeon Archive. I would strongly encourage you to visit these sites.


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