Thursday, August 24

Thursday's Web Highlights

Because our readers deserve much better than what they get here at The World From Our Window, here are this week's web highlights:

If you are wondering how to keep your house clean when it's full of little ones, hop on over to Amy's Humble Musings (I read this one to our children).

Justin Taylor of Between Two Worlds, has posted a plethora of interesting info this week. Here's a sampling:

Mark Driscoll's ideas on How To Destroy A Denomination
Christianity Today cover story on Calvinism: Young, Restless, Reformed
Some helpful advice for interpreting and understanding the book of Revelation
Take a peek at what Steve Camp has going on his iPod this week. It may (or may not) surprise you -- especially what he says about Mark Driscoll!

Over at FIDE-O, Jason Robertson continues his trek into Covenant Theology as he highlights Baptist Covenant Theologians and the attractiveness of Amillennialism: What's A Thousand Years Between Friends?

Although this post is several weeks old, the offer is still good: Phil Johnson, head pyrotechnician at TeamPyro, has made a high resolution picture of the beloved C. H. Spurgeon available for download. All you must do is add a frame! Now every pastor can have The Prince of Preachers looking over his shoulder while he drafts the Sunday sermon!

Ingrid Schlueter (Slice of Laodicea) informs us that in Canada a man was recently arrested for reading his Bible and praying in public.

How are you at handling reproof? If, like me, you would much rather live life reproof-free, read Bob Kauflin's post, Am I Being Stupid?

Thirsty David (The Thirsty Theologian) ponders Augustine's famous "For too little doth he love Thee, who loves any thing with Thee, which he loveth not for Thee." David writes a must-read post entitled, I Hate Too Little.

And finally, Nathan Businetz (Faith And Practice) quotes John MacArthur who says everybody is a dispensationalist.


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