Thursday, December 18

Is Dallas Seminary Prof Disagreeing With Public Church Discipline?

FoxNews recently highlighted a Florida church's discipline of admittedly adulterous member, Rebecca Hancock, and apparently interviewed Dallas Seminary research prof Darrell Bock. His comments leave the reader wondering whether or not he agrees with the church's discipline procedure and action.

Here are Bock's comments. You make the call:

Darrell L. Bock, a research professor for the Dallas Theological Seminary, said that public admonishment is not uncommon in churches that focus on discipline but added, "Most churches would handle this much more privately than this particular community is choosing to do."

This kind of process normally would happen after "much more private interaction" with the person, Block said, and is normally reserved for church leaders as opposed to "a normal member of the church."

More importantly, he said, the actions are unusual given that Hancock had severed her relationship with the church.

You may access the article HERE.

Perhaps Bock's comments have been misrepresented by the article's author. If so, it would be helpful for Bock to publicly clarify his comments since they appear to be critical of a local church's handling of this issue.

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Tuesday, December 2

We're Not Dead ...

... just hibernating!

Due to the overwhelming demand of three people, THE WORLD FROM OUR WINDOW will be re-opening, re-convening, and re-congregating for official business in the near future.

I hesitate to give you a date--in the unlikely event that my wife makes me post something before then (like she has done today!).

Anyway (I hate that over-used cliché-ish wannabe conjunction), just a quick note to let everyone know that although our WINDOW has been closed for some time, it will be open before long.

So to our three faithful readers who are demanding our return, please check back frequently. Our re-opening will unveil a new format and theme here at THE WORLD FROM OUR WINDOW.

Until then, I pray this brief post will appease our faithful readers (and my demanding wife!!!).

Happy belated Thanksgiving wishes to all three of you (readers, not wives)!

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