Wednesday, April 8

They're Coming To Take Me Away ...

There's a first for everything, I guess, including being labeled a new-evangelical.

Although I must admit, I am disappointed--I would much rather be labeled an old evangelical!

The intended-to-be-inflammatory (but no offense taken) accusation comes from the keyboard of longtime reader and commenter Kent Brandenburg (HERE):

* How is SharperIron still fundamentalist? How is it that real fundamentalists still associate with SharperIron?

This is curious to me. I am not intending to offend anyone, by the way. I know I will, but I’m not intending to. Why don’t fundamentalists themselves point this out? They push and endorse a tremendous amount of new-evangelicalism on that blog. They don’t practice separation. On their blogroll they have the Southern Baptist Ben Wright, who is in Mark Dever’s church. They have the new-evangelical, Andy Naselli, the assistant to D. A. Carson, who attends a new-evangelical church. When you read the rest of their blogroll, including Joe Fleener, The World From our Window, and the Jay Adams blog now, they either constantly endorse new-evangelicals, or in the case of Jay Adams, he is one. On Joe Fleener’s blog, he had links to Psalms set to blatant rock music. I commented to point that out. He didn’t say a word to me; just deleted the comment. SharperIron is infatuated with, and I mean in the way of loving, conservative evangelicals. They rarely bash an evangelical and are always smacking fundamentalists. I sense a disdain for the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship there. How is it a fundamentalist blog?
My open question to Kent: since he is using the term new-evangelical in a pejorative sense; and since he often disagrees with the people and positions we publish here; and because he is fundamentally a fundamental fundamentalist, why does he continue to read and participate with the new-evangelical World From Our Window (perhaps he would support an official name change here)? Doesn't his participation here make him ...

I'd like to finish the last sentence, but the fundamentalist police are knocking at my church door. They are demanding to see my credentials. Perhaps I should burst out into song, "They're coming to take me away ... they're coming to take me away ... to the FUNDY FARM (see photo), where all is well."

We could make it a quartet: Joe Fleener, Andy Naselli, Jay Adams, and me.

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Blogger Kent Brandenburg said...

Hi Ken,

Maybe you guys here like being fundamentalists. I don't know. You don't sound that way or lean that way. Is this is a criticism? It depends if you think that is good or not. Does it matter? I wondered if it did matter. I was writing it to get that particular branch of our readership to think about it. We have both the revivalist and non-revivalist read our blog.

If you were out of the club, or whatever it is, why would it matter? Obviously what matters is scripture. But it seems that there may be more to fundamentalism and I was wondering what it was. If you don't care, then having it pointed out shouldn't matter.

Technically, at least like I know fundamentalism, you aren't out of the club, so you wouldn't be able to be in the Andy and Ben club as of yet. They actually are in evangelicalism, unless there's something I don't know. Then you'll at least have a trio.

When it's all said and done, it really does matter if we obey scripture.

Oh, and how am I a fundamentalist? I'm interested, because you labeled me.

4/08/2009 11:43:00 AM  

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